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Sherrill Group Photos

Group in March 2018
Matt Schieber, Brandon Bakr, Yi Xie, Lori Burns, David Sherrill, Asim Alenaizan, Daniel Nascimento, Constance Warden, Carlos Borca, Dom Sirianni (March 2018)

Group and Friends at SETCA 2016
Sherrill group and other attendees at SETCA 2016 at FSU (14 May 2016)

Group Cookout May 2015
Group members, group alumni, and their guests at a cookout farewell for Rob Parrish (31 May 2015)

Research Group May 2015
Addison Schile, Trent Parker, Lori Burns, Brandon Bakr, Ryan Richard, Chris Cook, David Sherrill, Jerome Gonthier, Rob Parrish (May 2015)

SETCA 2015 Dinner
Jerome Gonthier, Ryan Richard, Greg Tschumper,
and Neil Ostlund at SETCA 2015 Banquet (May 2015)

SETCA 2015 Dinner
Chris Cook, Rob Parrish, Trent Parker, Daniel Smith (Auburn), other Auburn students,
and Brandon Bakr, SETCA 2015 Banquet (May 2015)

Research Group March 2014
Brandon Bakr, Matthew Kennedy, Trent Parker, Ryan Richard, Lori Burns, Rob Parrish, David Sherrill (March 2014)

Symposium on the Occasion of Joel Bowman's 65th Birthday
Symposium on the Occasion of Joel Bowman's 65th Birthday (Emory University, Feb 2013) (Photo includes Chris Cook, David Sherrill, Ugur Bozkaya, Lori Burns, and Rob Parrish)

Gordon Conference on Molecular Energy Transfer, Jan 2013
Gordon Conference on Molecular Energy Transfer (Ventura, CA, Jan 2013)

Last day for Nihit Pokhrel, Visiting Student from Wesleyan College, Dec 2012
Lori Burs, Ugur Bozkaya, Nihit Pokhrel, David Sherrill, Rob Parrish, Matthew Kennedy, Trent Parker (Last day with Visiting Student Nihit, Dec 2012)

Group Lunch at Taqueria del Sol, Dec 2011
Eugene DePrince, Robert Parrish, Lori Burns, Edward Hohenstein, David Sherrill, Trent Parker, Christian Loftus (Group Lunch at Taqueria del Sol, Dec 2011)

Research Group October 2011
Michael Marshall, DJ Crowell, Lori Burns, Christian Loftus, Eugene DePrince, Rob Parrish, Trent Parker, Massimo Malagoli, Matthew Kennedy, David Sherrill (October 2011)

Profs. Keith Nelson, David Sherrill, Tim Swager (MIT Chemistry Alumni reception, Cambridge, MA, August 2010)

50th Sanibel Symposium, 2010
Omololu Akin-Ojo, Prof. Krzysztof Szalewicz (Delaware), Dr. Berhane Temelso (Armstrong Atlantic), Prof. David Sherrill, Dean George Shields (Armstrong Atlantic), Prof. Steve Gwaltney (Mississippi State) (50th Sanibel Symposium, St. Simons Island, GA, March 2010)

Rafting at Telluride workshop, 2008
Prof. David Sherrill, Dr. Albert DeFusco (Pitt), Prof. Lyudmila Slipchenko (Purdue), Prof. Hui Li (Nebraska-Lincoln), Prof. Daniel Gezelter (Notre Dame), Dr. Revati Kumar (Pitt) (Telluride, CO, July 2008)

David, John, Ashley in M Offices
David, John, Ashley in MS&E offices (Oct 2006)

David and Berhane in M Offices
David and Berhane in MS&E offices (July 2006)

Ed Cookout
Ed Valeev farewell cookout (July 2006)

Ed Cookout 2
Ed Valeev farewell cookout (July 2006)

Micah Party
Graduation of Micah Abrams (February 2005)

Micah Party 2
Sherrill Group at Micah's graduation

Table Mountain
Table Mountain, South Africa (WATOC, January 2005)

David and Justin
David and Dr. Justin Fermann (UMass)

David and Anna
David and Prof. Anna Krylov (USC)

David and Juergen
David and Prof. Juergen Gauss (Mainz)

HFA 2004
Micah wins the 2004 House-Flaschka-Ashby Graduate Student Awards Competition (October 2004)

HFS Group 2004
David at a dinner for former Schaefer group members at the 2004 Fall ACS meeting in Philadelphia (August 2004)

Sanibel 2004 1
Sanibel dinner: Arteum and Micah with Nick Russ and Prof. Daniel Crawford (Virginia Tech), February 2004

Sanibel 2004 2
Prof. Marcel Nooijen (Waterloo) asks Arteum about his poster

PSI 2003 1
Psi Workshop (November 2003)

PSI 2003 2
Prof. Rollin King (Bethel College)

PSI Dinner1
Psi Workshop Dinner

PSI Dinner2
Micah, John, Prof. Daniel Crawford (VT)

HFA 2003
Mutasem wins the 2003 House-Flaschka-Ashby Graduate Student Awards Competition (October 2003)

Group Photo (September 2002)

Group Photo (September 2002)

Second Psi/MPQC Programming Meeting (March 2002)

Gerry, Matt, and Edward (March 2002)

Some unusual weather for Atlanta. Micah, Gerry, Arteum, and Edward
(2 Jan 2002)

David meets John for the first time at SERMACS 2001 in Savannah (Sept 2001)

Mutasem, Alfred, and David with
the new supercomputer (6 Oct 2000)

Visitors Dr. Steve Wesolowski (UGA) and
Dr. Matt Leininger (Sandia Labs) (6 Oct 2000)

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