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Current Group Members

Member Position Web Page
Prof. C. David Sherrill Professor More Information
Keisha Harville Faculty Support Coordinator
Dr. Lori Burns Research Scientist II More Information
Dr. David Poole Postdoctoral Researcher More Information
Philip Nelson Graduate Student More Information
Caroline Sargent Graduate Student More Information
Luke Kurfman Graduate Student More Information
Austin Wallace Graduate Student More Information
Isabel Berry Graduate Student More Information
Melody Lee Undergraduate Student More Information
Student Awards
Luke Kurfman NSF Graduate Fellowship, 2024
Isabel Berry DOE Computational Science Graduate Fellowship, 2024
Caroline Sargent NSF Graduate Fellowship, 2023
Austin Wallace NSF Graduate Fellowship, 2022
Derek Metcalf NSF Graduate Fellowship, 2020
Derek Metcalf SETCA Poster Award, 2019
Dominic Sirianni Larry S. O'Hara Fellowship, GT College of Sciences, 2019
Mike Zott Undergraduate Award in Physical Chemistry, 2018
Mike Zott Peter B. Sherry Memorial Scholarship - Outstanding Senior, 2018
Dominic Sirianni SETCA Best Student Lecture, 2017
Mike Zott SETCA Undergraduate Poster Award, 2017
Leonardo dos Anjos Cunha 3rd Place, SETCA Undergraduate Poster Award, 2016
Chris Cook 1st Place, SETCA Undergraduate Poster Award, 2015
Robert Parrish Georgia Tech Chih Award, 2015
Robert Parrish Forbes 30 Under 30 in Science, 2015
Robert Parrish ACS Graduate Student Award in Computational Physical Chemistry, 2013
Robert Parrish 1st Place, GT Chemistry Graduate Student Awards Symposium, 2013
Robert Parrish 2nd Place Poster Prize, Molecular Quantum Mechanics: An International Conference in Honor of Prof. Rodney Bartlett, 2013
Robert Parrish Travel Award, Georgia Tech Research and Innovation Conference, 2013
Robert Parrish 1st Place, SETCA Student Poster Award, 2012
Michael Marshall 3rd Place, GT Chemistry Graduate Student Awards Symposium, 2011
Robert Parrish DOE Computational Sciences Graduate Fellowship, 2011
Edward Hohenstein 1st Place, SETCA Student Poster Award, 2011
Robert Parrish 2nd Place, SETCA Student Poster Award, 2011
Edward Hohenstein 1st Place, GT Chemistry Graduate Student Awards Symposium, 2010
Tait Takatani Finalist, GT Chemistry Graduate Student Awards Symposium, 2009
Edward Hohenstein SETCA Student Poster Award, 2008
Ashley Ringer Finalist, GT Chemistry Graduate Student Awards Symposium, 2008
Ashley Ringer Iota Sigma Pi Anna Louise Hoffman Award for Outstanding Graduate Research, 2008
Ashley Ringer National P.E.O. Fellowship, 2007
Berhane Temelso 3rd Place, House-Flaschka-Ashby Graduate Student Awards Symposium, 2006
Berhane Temelso Distinguished Student Award, Foresight Nanotechnology Institute, 2006
Ashley Ringer Best Poster, 14th Conference on Current Trends in Computational Chemistry, Jackson, MS, 2005
Arteum Bochevarov Finalist, House-Flaschka-Ashby Graduate Student Awards Symposium, 2005
Ashley Ringer SETCA Graduate Student Poster Award, 2005
Ashley Ringer NSF Graduate Fellowship, 2005
Ashley Ringer Department of Energy Computational Sciences Graduate Fellowship (declined), 2005
Berhane Temelso Sanibel Graduate Student Poster Award, 2005
Micah Abrams 1st Place, House-Flaschka-Ashby Graduate Student Awards Symposium, 2004
Micah Abrams SETCA Best Student Lecture, 2004
Mutasem Sinnokrot 1st Place, House-Flaschka-Ashby Graduate Student Awards Symposium, 2003
John Sears SETCA Best Student Poster, 2003
Mutasem Sinnokrot Molecular Design Institute Fellowship, 2002-2004
Past Group Members
Name Position in Group Current Position (if known) Time with Group Project(s)
Jaden Yon NSF REU Undergraduate 5/23-8/23 vdW dimers
Andy Jiang Undergraduate Graduate Student, UGA 1/20-8/23 JK classes, CC code
Dr. Rameshwar Kumawat Postdoc Postdoc, Northwestern 11/21-5/23 intermolecular interactions
Dr. Zach Glick Graduate student Lavo Life Sciences 8/18-10/22 AP-Net, machine learning
Dr. Derek Metcalf Graduate student Lavo Life Sciences 6/18-10/22 EPNN, machine learning
Prof. Jeff Schriber Postdoc Asst. Prof., Iona College 5/19-7/22 CLIFF Force Field
Dr. Yi Xie Graduate student Tik Tok 7/17-6/22 SAPT(DFT)
Andrew Smith NSF REU Undergraduate 5/21-7/21 Molecular crystals
Matthew Shammami NSF REU Undergraduate 5/21-9/21 Solute-solvent interactions
Prof. Asim Alenaizan Graduate Student King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals 8/16-5/21 Biomolecular structure and self-assembly
Joseph O'Brien Graduate Student Ten63 Therapeutics 8/18-12/20 SCF Algorithms
Dr. Carlos Borca Postdoc DeepCure 9/17-3/20 Molecular crystals
Tom Regan NSF REU Undergraduate 5/19-7/19 Focal-point frequencies
Prof. Daniel Nascimento Postdoc University of Memphis 2/18-3/19 Machine Learning and Databases
Prof. Dominic Sirianni Graduate Student Asst. Prof., Daemen University 7/15-3/20 Methods for non-covalent interactions
Donna Odhiambo NSF REU Undergraduate 5/18-7/18 Non-covalent interactions
Constance Warden Graduate Student 7/16-5/18 Focal-point methods; S-pi interactions
Matt Schieber Graduate Student Smartleaf, Inc. 5/16-5/18 Density fitting infrastructure
Dr. Brandon Bakr Graduate Student Epic Systems 8/13-5/18 SAPT for organocatalysis
Mike Zott Undergraduate Graduate Student, CalTech 8/15-8/17 Clusters, Psi4/OpenMM interface
Nick Petosa Undergraduate 8/16-5/17 Database backend
Dr. Daniel Smith Research Scientist Abiologics 1/16-3/17 Psi4 infrastructure and features
Dr. Ryan Richard Postdoc Research Scientist, Iowa State 1/14-3/17 IPs/EAs, clusters, interoperability
Marvin Lechner Masters exchange student Graduate student, University of Bonn 8/16-12/16 Time-dependent DFT
Trent Parker Graduate student Google, Inc. 6/11-7/16 Non-covalent Interactions in DNA
Leonardo dos Anjos Cunha Undergrad exchange student Graduate student, UC Berkeley 8/15-7/16 Open-shell SAPT
Dr. Jerome Gonthier Postdoc Zapata Computing 3/14 - 7/16 Open-shell SAPT
Seth Polansky NSF REU Undergraduate 5/16 - 7/16 Ab initio force fields
Omar Hayek Undergraduate 8/15 - 12/15 SMP Parallelization
Addison Schile NSF REU Undergraduate Graduate student, UC Berkeley 5/15 - 7/15 FNO CCSD(T)
Chris Cook Undergraduate Industry 2/12 - 5/15 Benchmarking non-covalent interactions
Dr. Robert Parrish Undergrad and Graduate Student Head of Chemistry Simulations, QCWare 1/09 - 5/15 Rank-reduction methods
Dr. Matthew Kennedy Graduate Student Industry 6/09 - 12/14 Curved π-π interactions; catalysis
Anselme Mucunguzi NSF REU Undergraduate Graduate student, Notre Dame 5/14 - 7/14 SAPT Applications
Vernon "DJ" Crowell Co-advised Graduate Student Pharmacy School 8/11 - 12/13 Excited states of ice
Kevin Hannon NSF REU Undergraduate Graduate student, Emory University 5/13 - 7/13 Local correlation methods
Prof. Eugene DePrince Research Scientist Professor, Florida State University 9/11 - 7/13 FNO-DF/CD-CCSD(T)
Prof. Ugur Bozkaya Visiting Scientist Professor, Hacettepe University 7/12 - 5/13 Density fitting and orbital optimization
Nihit Pokhrel Visiting Undergraduate Student Undergraduate, Wesleyan College, Macon, GA 8/12 - 12/12 Shimizu CH/π systems
Dr. Michael Marshall Gradaute Student Industry 8/07 - 9/12 Benchmarking non-covalent interactions
Dr. Edward Hohenstein Graduate Student Research Scientist, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory 8/07 - 7/11 Density-Fitted SAPT
Jiana Duan Undergraduate Graduate Student, U Georgia 8/10 - 5/11 Charge penetration effects
Dr. Sahan Thanthiriwatte Postdoc Research Computing, Federal Reserve 1/09 - 12/10 cation-π, H-bonding
Dr. Tait Takatani Graduate Student Research Faculty, Syracuse University 8/06 - 6/10 catalysis, SCS methods, S22A database
Yue Geng Undergraduate 8/08 - 8/09 indole-benzene
Prof. Ashley Ringer McDonald Graduate Student Professor, Cal Poly San Louis Obispo 8/04 - 5/09 π-π and C--H/π interactions
Stephen Arnstein Graduate Student 8/05 - 12/08 substituent effects in π-π interactions
Sam Chill NSF REU Undergraduate R&D Engineer, Synopsys Inc. 5/08 - 8/08 nonbonded interactions in biological systems
Jarrod McClean NSF REU Undergraduate Google Quantum AI Lab 5/08 - 8/08 new polarizable force fields
Marian Breuer NSF IREU Undergraduate 5/08 - 8/08 dispersion-corrected DFT
Dr. John Sears Graduate Student Patent Law 5/02 - 12/07 nondynamical correlation, catalysis
Dr. Berhane Temelso Graduate Student Research Scientist, College of Charleston 6/02 - 1/07 H-transfer reactions, ab initio limits
Dr. Arteum Bochevarov Graduate Student Senior Scientist, Schrodinger Inc. 1/02 - 8/06 ENMO, Hybrid CC/PT
Alvin Yates Undergraduate 5/06 - 8/06 Group website and Python databases
Ryan West Undergraduate 1/06 - 5/06 Pyridine dimer
Prof. Edward Valeev CCMST Research Scientist Professor, Virginia Tech 2/01 - 8/06 MP2-R12, BODC
Anastasia Senenko NSF REU Undergraduate 5/06 - 7/06 Sulfur-pi interactions
Mohini Jain Undergraduate 8/05 - 12/05 Noncovalent interactions
Tony Tauer Graduate Student 8/03 - 12/05 Sulfur-pi and benzene clusters
Dr. Micah Abrams Graduate Student Senior Scientist, EOIR Technologies, Inc. 5/01 - 2/05 Nondynamical correlation
Prof. Ryan Lively GT PURA Undergraduate Professor, Georgia Tech 1/04 - 8/04 Pi-pi interactions
Michelle Figgs NSF REU Undergraduate Market Research Analyst, IMS Research 6/03 - 8/03 Alkyl-pi interactions
Prof. Mutasem Sinnokrot Graduate Student Professor, Khalifa University, UAE 8/99 - 8/04 Pi-Pi Interactions; DFT anharmonicities
Prof. Betty Derrick Visiting Professor Retired 1/03 - 12/03 Sulfur-pi interactions
Hugh Heldenbrand NSF REU Undergraduate 5/03 - 7/03 Weak interactions
Pamela Mashburn Undergraduate 1/03 - 5/03 Radical cations
Prof. Antara Dutta Visiting Scientist Professor, Georgia State University 5/02 - 2/03 Benchmarking bond-breaking reactions
Ryan Cohen Graduate Student 5/01 - 1/03 Benchmarking excited state DFT methods
Prof. Ryan Steele NSF REU Undergraduate Professor, University of Utah 5/02 - 8/02 Molecular recognition
Alfred Park Undergraduate 12/99 - 8/02 Lab Setup/System Administrator
Anne Margaret Huss Pfizer Undergraduate 5/01 - 8/01 Excited States of Photoacids
Prof. Alan Gabrielli Visiting Professor Dean, Southern Polytechnic (Retired) 5/00 - 8/00, 5/01-7/01 Copper complexes
Amanda Jacob Undergraduate 8/00 - 5/01 Copper complexes
Brendan Sullivan Undergraduate 1/01 - 5/01 Electronic structure visualization
Ryan Cohen NSF REU Undergraduate 5/00 - 8/00 DFT for symmetry-breaking molecules
Daniel Baker Undergraduate 1/00 - 5/00 Twisting induced charge transfer effect
Michael McGinley Undergraduate 9/99 - 5/00 Computer benchmarking
Jennifer Ayers Undergraduate 9/99 - 12/99 Computer benchmarking
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