CHEM 3412: Physical Chemistry II


This is the second semester Physical Chemistry course. The prerequisites are CHEM 1311 and PHYS 2212. Our primary emphasis in this class will be how quantum mechanics applies to chemistry (i.e., ``quantum chemistry''). This includes electronic structure, molecular orbitals, chemical bonding, and molecular spectroscopy. This course will also feature some basic concepts of statistical mechanics.


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The lecture schedule is subject to change.

Required Textbooks

D. A. McQuarrie, Quantum Chemistry (University Science Books, Mill Valley, CA, 1983).

Several class handouts come from the notes, A Brief Review of Elementary Quantum Chemistry: quantrev notes HTML HTML Format quantrev notes PDF PDF Format

Problem sets:

Other handouts:

Applications Applications of Quantum Chemistry
Atomic Term Symbols Atomic Term Symbols
Term Symbol Example Term Symbol Example
MOs for diatomics Diatomic MO Diagram

Examples of Polyatomic Orbitals:

BH3 Molecular Orbitals
H2O Molecultar Orbitals

Equation sheet Equation Sheet for Final

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